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Hekate pendulum board

Hekate pendulum board

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Boards are 6 inch diameter and made with resin, real botanicals and crystals, paper specimens, and gold foil decals.

Back is lined with felt.

Choose your design and your choice of 3 different crystal pendulums! 

Tigers eye- Abundance, clear visions, protection 

Rose Quartz-Love, deep healing, peace

Amethyst- Balance insight, protection


********Please leave a note with which crystal pendulum you would like! If no note is left, it will be intuitively chosen*********** 

Resin Care:

Please avoid prolonged exposure to direct heat. Resin may become bendy in high heat, but will stiffen up once in a cool spot
Not meant for outdoor use.
Avoid dropping as the resin could chip or crack
Hand wash with mild soap and cold water-NOT DISHWASHER SAFE
Use a microfiber cloth to clean and remove fingerprints
If piece becomes warped, lay on flat surface with a heavy object on top to get back its shape


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