Our business values




First and foremost, we value radical transparency. Visibility and insight allows us to be held accountable and keeps you, the customer, in the know so you can make an informed decision. We believe in disclosing any and all information about where we get our products or supplies from. Here is a list of FAQs in regards to how we source our supplies. 

Where do you source your crystals from?

Ideally, we source our crystals twice a year from the Tucson or Denver gem shows. We buy from trusted vendors that practice safe labor policies and try their best to be environmentally conscious. We believe that buying directly and transporting the minerals ourselves helps eliminate the carbon footprint of importation. It also allows us to trace the supply chain and choose vendors that align with our values.

Where do you get your packing supplies from? 

We try to reuse packing materials, such as bubble wrap and boxes, as much as possible. Avoiding big box stores is hard when it comes to this, but we avoid amazon as much as possible. And, we do buy recyclable materials if we run out of materials we can reuse. All bags used at markets are 100% compostable or recyclable. 

Where do you get your art supplies from?

Supporting other small businesses and makers is very important to us. We purchase most of our molds, pigments, inclusions, and resin from fellow small businesses. 


Where do you get your jewelry and sun-catcher supplies from? 

We source these supplies from the Gem shows or other small businesses online.